Our Team

First and foremost, we're problem solvers.

The Guer team comes from San Francisco with diverse backgrounds including Operations, Engineering, Business Analysis and Entrepreneurship in SaaS, Hospitality, Venture Capital, Commercial Real Estate and Pharma.

We bring these wide-ranging experiences to drive unique solutions to a nascent industry.


James Bourque

FOUNDER  •  Operations  •  @_belaguer

Manager, Founder, and Entrepreneur, James has held leadership roles in a variety of industries, including hospitality, commercial real estate & construction, and venture capital.

As co-founder of Guer, James focuses on operations, research, and the non-technical elements of the project.
James got into blockchain in 2017, and though he understood the potential for Ethereum's "Global Computer", he was also blissfully ignorant of the challenge decentralized computing posed.

Ever the optimist, James decided to focus full-time on Guer in 2019, hoping to help realize that potential for a decentralized, trustless Web 3.0 with security, privacy, and end-user agency at its core.


Steven Matthiesen

FOUNDER  •  Engineering  •  @_mastguer

Steven has had a lifelong interest in building computers, websites, accented by involvement with new and exciting technologies.

Now, he is looking to grow the utility of the blockchain world by sharing his code and expertise, and developing new and valuable projects. Open to chat about Blockchain, Web3, Laravel, React, SQL, GraphQL, Golang, brewing beer, shooting pool, computer gaming, computers, or home improvement.

He has lived in Phoenix, Austin, and is now residing in San Francisco. Steven holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from ASU - Magna Cum Laude.

The name guer comes from James' Spanish family name, Belaguer, or Beautiful War.

We aim to tame some of the chaos in blockchain and the world at large, and fight our good fight.